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Blue Hills Regional Technical School

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Welcome to Blue Hills Regional Technical School

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APPLY Online for ADMISSION today by clicking "Apply Now". 


Once you complete the application, a PDF copy of your application will be sent to BHR Admissions Office.  

A PDF copy of your application will be sent to your current Guidance Counselor starting November 1st. 

We are looking forward to meeting you and discovering what you're passionate about.

Attention Applicants for the

Class of 2025!

Decision Notification Letters will be sent on or after February 22, 2021

A second round of notification letters will be sent to notify late applicants and/or students on the waiting list of their status on or after March 19th. Later notification letters are sent until the openings are completely filled for the Class of 2025!

Grade 8 and 9 Students can apply for admission online now! 

Applications received late, after the December 18th deadline, will be processed and evaluated using the same criteria as other applications.  Their composite score will be integrated on the established waiting list and considered for any openings available.  

Work individually and in teams to develop the experience to gain a powerful competitive advantage.  

Take advantage of a wide variety of Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment college courses.

Connect with experienced and qualified instructors to acquire technical and academic skills for high-demand careers.

Contact our Admissions Office for more information

Marybeth Joyce | 781-828-5800 ext 2271 | 


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